Dental Sealants in Columbia, SC

Routine dental cleanings and exams are important for patients of all ages to keep their teeth healthy, but there are additional preventive measures that patients can take to help prevent tooth decay from developing. Dental sealants are a very fast, painless, and inexpensive preventive treatment that can help patients avoid invasive and costly restorative treatments like root canals and dental crowns down the road. To learn more or schedule your next visit with our team, please contact us!

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What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are clear coatings that are applied over the top of each molar. They help prevent harmful bacteria from collecting in the grooves of the teeth, which are hard to clean thoroughly with a toothbrush. They can be used by patients of all ages to protect their teeth from tooth decay, but they can be especially helpful for children , as baby teeth have a thinner layer of enamel than adult teeth. Sealants are virtually undetectable to people who have no dental training. In fact, you may have sealants on your teeth that you’ve forgotten about!

How long do dental sealants last?

They are typically applied right after a dental cleaning when the teeth are squeaky clean. The molars are dried off, and a special gel is applied that helps sealants stick to the teeth. The gel is then rinsed off, and the sealant is painted on the top of the molars. The final step involves using a blue light to harden the sealants and secure them to the teeth. The process is very quick and comfortable for patients, and can last up to 10 years or longer before they need to be removed and reapplied.

When can dental sealants be applied?

Children often get their first molars around the time they turn six, so if you are interested in having sealants placed on your child’s teeth, we’d be happy to assess their smile and see if they are ready for sealants. Around age 11 or 12 is when most kids have all of their adult teeth, which means it’s usually a good time to apply more sealants. If you or your child have untreated tooth decay or dental trauma that has affected your molars, that will need to be taken care of before dental sealants can be placed.

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