Deeper Than Dentistry:
My Journey from Death’s Door to
Marketplace Ministry

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Life changes in an instant

Back in high-school, Gary Bethea’s life was forever changed when he and his friends took a road trip out of town.

They stopped at a fast food restaurant to eat and met a group of girls, who invited them to hang out with them back at their house. It turned out to be a trap as Gary and his friends were jumped by strangers as soon as they entered the house.

They were tied up and tortured for hours. When the kidnappers separated Gary from the rest of his friends and stuffed him into the back of a trunk, Gary surely thought he was going to die that day.

So, there in the back of the trunk, on the way to who knows where, he closed his eyes and began to pray. Deeper than Dentistry tells Gary’s story from that fateful day onwards. From being on the front page paper after his escape, to going to college and realizing his passion for dentistry.

All the while keeping and growing in his faith. Gary is now happily married with kids and runs his own successful dental practice.

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Proceeds from the book will be donated to the nonprofit Deeper Than Dentistry.

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Joe Wisinski

Readers’ Favorite

“I enjoyed reading Gary A. Bethea’s autobiography. The tale of his kidnapping was gripping. Although I knew that he survived, I wondered what was going to happen to his friends. It’s fair to say that many people who experienced the kind of trauma Bethea did would have their lives destroyed. Such is not the case for Bethea. His horrible experience, in contrast, helped make him who he is today. And it’s worth noting that Bethea, born in 1984, is still a relatively young man. There’s no doubt he has a bright future both in his dental practice and in the part-time Christian ministry he engages in. I recommend Deeper Than Dentistry: My Journey from Death’s Door to Marketplace Ministry to anyone who wants to read an inspiring story of a young man’s success.”