Why Your Child’s Baby Teeth Are Important

Adorable smiling black toddler just getting her baby teeth.

A first tooth is a major dental milestone. And seeing your child’s complete smile is another! While your child’s primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, eventually fall out, they play an important role in your child’s oral development. In this blog, we’re sharing the top three reasons why your child’s baby teeth are important and how you can help maintain them until they’re ready for the tooth fairy!

1. Baby Teeth Position Permanent Teeth

Your child’s baby teeth are small compared to their permanent teeth (adult teeth), but they save space for them and guide them into natural alignment. If a baby tooth is lost too early, neighboring teeth could drift into the space, leading to crooked to crowded teeth.

2. Baby Teeth Help Your Child Eat

Baby teeth should last around six to eight years. A healthy and complete smile will help your child bite and chew food without difficulty. If there is a cavity or something else wrong with your child’s baby teeth, it can make it difficult for them to eat the range of food necessary for a healthy diet.

3. Baby Teeth Support Speech Development

Watching your child learn to talk is an exciting time and their baby teeth play an important role in this process. The mouth, lips, and teeth work together to form sounds, allowing for proper pronunciation. Developing language skills takes some children a little longer than others but in all cases a full set of healthy baby teeth will help them avoid unnecessary delays or struggles.

Kids’ Dentistry at Bethea Family Dentistry in Columbia

There are many reasons why Dr. Bethea and our team encourage you to bring your child to our office as soon as they start getting teeth! First, we can keep tabs on the health of your child’s teeth. If problems crop up, like small cavities, we can catch them in the early stages. Second, we offer cavity prevention treatments like dental cleanings, dental sealants and fluoride treatments for young smiles. Additionally, our team can help you with tips on how to teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques. Finally, regular visits will help your child feel comfortable in our office, resulting in less dental anxiety. We are here to help your child establish great oral habits as they grow. Give our office a call today!

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