Sports-Related Dental Injuries

Cartoon showing a child getting a soccer ball in the face resulting in a chipped tooth.
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Sports are one of the most important and enriching parts of adolescence. However, they do come with some risks, especially to the smile! We’re here at Bethea Family Dentistry to help you and your family minimize those risks with preventive methods! Read on to learn more.

Sports-Related Dental Injuries

Team sports are an important and fun part of your child’s life. However, most of them, such as field hockey, football, soccer, and more, can put your child’s smile at risk. Common sports-related dental injuries include a broken tooth, a knocked out tooth, and tooth intrusion. These are all scenarios we want to avoid, which is why we recommend a mouthguard.

Why Choose a Custom-Fit Mouthguard?

In most cases, a mouthguard will be required for your child to play a competitive sport. Instead of heading over to your local sporting goods store, make an appointment with us at Bethea Family Dentistry for a better, safer fit. We use dental impressions to make a personalized mouthguard to fit the smile seamlessly. It’s easier for you to be able to insist that your child wear the mouthguard when feels comfortable in their mouth. With a custom-fit, your child’s teeth will stay safe and intact!

What About the Cost?

While you’ll likely have to pay a premium over a one-size-fits-all mouthguard, you’ll get so much more. Not only will a custom-fit mouthguard fit perfectly, but it will offer durability. That means, as long as they don’t lose it, you won’t be replacing the mouthguard throughout the season. The cost of an athletic mouthguard is minimal compared to the cost of replacing a knocked-out permanent tooth.

Custom-Fit Mouthguards in Columbia, SC

With fall sports in full swing, it’s time to ensure that your child is protected. Call Bethea Family Dentistry for an appointment, or click the contact link to request your consultation.

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