How Can Parents Help Prevent Tooth Decay?

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Kids’ dentistry is an important part of our practice at Bethea Family Dentistry. Caring for your child’s baby teeth is important, even if your child will eventually lose those teeth. Healthy baby teeth create the foundation for strong permanent teeth and a lifetime of healthy smiles. If you’re wondering what you can do as a parent to help prevent tooth decay, we’ve come up with this list of tips.

  • Start Early

  • It’s important to begin caring for your child’s teeth and gums at an early age. When your child is an infant, gently wipe their gums with a warm washcloth after each meal. As they begin developing teeth, switch to gently brushing their teeth for them. As your child grows, you may allow them to brush their own teeth under your supervision. Once you’re confident that they can handle the task, you can allow them to brush on their own.

  • Make Oral Hygiene a Regular Routine

  • Brushing your teeth twice each day for two minutes can help prevent tooth decay. The best way to get kids in the habit of brushing their teeth is to create a routine—it’s easy to remember to brush your teeth if you do it at the same time every day! We recommend waiting about 30 minutes after meals before brushing.

  • Make the Routine Fun!

  • Routines don’t have to be boring! Allow your kids to choose the color of their toothbrushes, or try out different toothpaste flavors. Some families even pick a song and turn toothbrushing time into a dance party. Don’t be afraid to try different tactics until you figure out what works for you and your family.

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We truly believe that the best way to prevent tooth decay is teamwork between parents and our team at Bethea Family Dentistry. A good at-home oral hygiene routine reduces your child’s risk for many common dental ailments, and regular visits to our office allow our team to keep an eye out for any potential problems. We even offer convenient family block appointments! There are many things parents can do to help prevent tooth decay. To ask our team any questions or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!

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