Helping Your Late Talking Children

Parents eagerly wait to hear the words ada’ and ama’ – after all, these are the most beautiful words ever. However, when your child lags behind other children of their age, as far as their ability to talk is concerned, it makes you anxious. You start making calls to your pediatrician to figure out what is wrong. Though it is normal for you to feel anxious, in most cases, there actually is no need to worry. Different kids develop language at different paces. While one kid may learn to talk very fast the other may take a long time, and it is perfectly alright.

  • Language/Speech Milestones
  • Though there is no reason to worry if your kid starts talking a little late, if it is a bit too late then your kid needs attention. But how do you decide when is it time? Well, to figure that out you need to be aware of the milestones as suggested by The American Academy of Pediatrics for the initial five years. • As your child has completed their second year they should be speaking 2 – 3 word sentences. They must be able to follow easy instructions and even repeat words that they hear around. • As your kid has completed their third year, they should be following 2 or 3 steps instructions, identify almost every common picture and object, and be able to understand what you are telling them. They should by now be speaking in a way that people outside the family are also able to understand. • When they complete their fourth year, your kid must begin asking abstract questions and even understand the concepts of different vs. same. They must be good at basic grammar rules. Though your child must be speaking clearly by now, they might mispronounce nearly half the basic sounds, and this is perfectly alright.See more at • As your child turns 5, they must be able to retell a small story in their words. And, they must be easily using over five words in a single sentence. Now, certain kids may lag behind a little in their expressive language. However, their receptive language might be better. If your kid does not use too many words but clearly understands what you are saying and even follows commands then you need not worry much even if they lag a bit in receptive as well as expressive language.

  • Time to Take Advice
  • Now, if your child does not progress as per the milestones suggested above, and if you are too worried about them talking late, then it will be best to see a pediatrician, or you may take the help of a speech-language pathologist. The pathologist may perform some tests to understand the speaking abilities of your child, and even suggest ways to improve language development. If the pathologist or your pediatrician suspects any hearing problem then they may recommend you to take your child to an audiologist. Visiting the necessary doctors will help you understand the issue and you will also be able to learn how to solve it. Visit to know more about tips for your children

  • How to Encourage Normal Speech
  • If the doctors say all is okay, then you can do certain things to encourage normal language and speech development in your kid, including – • Talk to your child throughout the day. When you are feeding your kid, changing diapers, or even bathing them, you must talk to them as much as you can. • When speaking to your baby, your level must be above that of theirs. If at a time, your kid uses just three words, then you must not also only use three-word sentences. But, it will even not be wise to use extremely complex sentences. • Babies are known to be more attentive and also imitate better when their parents talk in a baby-talk kind of voice, also called otherese’. • Sing to your child and even read to them starting at a young age.

  • To Conclude
  • If and when you feel anxious and confused you do have specialists to guide and to help your kid. However, do not visit a professional just because a few other kids of the same age are speaking more than you baby. You will also find a few who cannot speak even as much as your baby does, and even that is not a cause of worry. But yes, if it is way too late and you have tried all that you could to help your kid speak, and gotten no results, then do take professional help. Visit our website :