Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth

Smiling woman with white teeth.

Do you wish your teeth were whiter? People try all kinds of products and treatments to get a bright, white smile. Did you know that you drink may be playing a big role in your tooth color?!


Many people enjoy coffee in a variety of forms. Whether it’s hot or iced, coffee stains your teeth. Why? It’s acidic and dark in color. Acid softens your enamel, which makes your teeth easier to stain. Coffee’s dark color also causes stains that only professional teeth whitening may be able to lighten.


Tea is packed with tannins. This chemical compound gives tea its distinct flavor and color. While tannins are an antioxidant and may have health benefits, they also stain your teeth. Black tea has the most tannins, so if you love tea but worry about stains, consider switching to herbal, green, or white tea.

Red & White Wine

Red wine also contains tannins! It’s deeply pigmented too so it stains teeth. Is white wine a better choice? While white wine itself doesn’t stain teeth, it is more acidic than red wine. Sweet white wines are the most acidic. The problem with acid is that it leaves your teeth more vulnerable to stains from other types of food and drink.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks represent a double threat to your teeth: they’re acidic and colorful. And they’re not that much healthier than soda. If you’re active and looking for a sports drink replacement, consider unsweetened coconut water, cactus water, watermelon water, or water blended with fruit and vegetables.

Whiten Your Smile at Bethea Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC

Trying to get rid of pesky stains on your teeth? Professional whitening is a very effective treatment for surface and deep stains on your teeth. We offer custom at-home whitening trays and one-visit whitening in the office. Good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings also help keep your smile stain-free! If your teeth are so discolored that whitening won’t work, we also offer porcelain veneers. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bethea. We look forward to helping you get a white, bright, healthy smile.

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